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Danielle wished to have a professional photo shoot

Danielle XL Nick Saglimbeni

“ From the moment I walked in, I felt like I belonged. ”

- Wish Teen Danielle

Fashion is not just an interest for Danielle. She jokes it’s, “her life”. The first-year college student is majoring in special education – a cause near and dear to her heart. However, she admits to diving into her love for fashion with any free moment she has. “In the magazines, studying celebrity photographs, and on the internet, fashion is everywhere,” she says. She especially admires her fashionista, Kim Kardashian. “She is just so gorgeous,” Danielle exclaims.

Danielle’s enthusiasm and strength have been an inspiration to her family and friends. “They have always been very supportive of me, and have helped me with my diagnosis.” When Danielle was sixteen, she was in a snowmobile accident, and as a result, had x-rays of her arm and shoulder taken. “That’s when they found one big tumor that touched into my left arm and shoulder.” Danielle says the diagnosis of bone cancer was shocking, and within a month she was having her first surgery to remove the tumor. “When my doctor talked about having a wish, I didn’t think I would qualify for one because I didn’t think my situation was deserving.” Danielle quickly learned just how much joy Make-A-Wish® would bring both her and her family.

Danielle wished to meet famed photographer Nick Saglimbeni in Los Angeles. Nick is credited for his photo shoots with the Kardashian family, along with other celebrities. “When somebody actually asks you what you want to wish for, it’s amazing and unimaginable,” she says. “I never thought this could happen to me in a million years.” Danielle was treated in true celebrity fashion. First being picked up by limousine for her ride to the airport, and spending a week in sunny LA with her mom and dad. “The hotel was the most glamorous, gorgeous hotel right in the heart of Hollywood, and it was connected to the same theater where the Oscars are held.”  Danielle ventured to Universal Studios, had dinner in Malibu and shopped in designer stores along Rodeo Drive. Anticipation built all week, as she was set to meet Nick on the final day of her trip.

“From the moment I walked into his studio, I felt like I belonged,” Danielle exclaims. She admits that meeting Nick was so exciting, she let out a squeal of pure joy. “He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and truly radiant.” Nick’s team prepared Danielle for her very-own photo shoot – complete with a makeover with a very talented makeup artist and a fresh new look from a hair stylist to the stars. “They dressed me in five different dresses, and I stood right in the same spot where Kim has stood. It was overwhelming,” she says. Danielle felt like a model, as Nick offered his guidance throughout the three hour shoot. The wish ended with lunch with the team, many hugs, and a radiant smile from Danielle, who truly felt the powerful impact of her wish.

Post-wish, Danielle reflects on the memories of her wish trip. She also has hundreds of images to look back on and remember this unforgettable experience. “I never had senior pictures done because of my illness, so these photos are just amazing to have.”  Danielle is so appreciative of Make-A-Wish – granting not just her wish, but in her words, “bringing me confidence, happiness, and helping me to live out my dreams.”

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