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Lexi wished to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Lexi Reverse

“ It was a turning point for my daughter in her treatment ”

- Mom, Jennifer

Four-year-old Alexis is a happy, strong-willed girl with red hair almost as fiery as her personality. Alexis’ mother describes her young daughter as, “a girly girl at heart but can hold her own with the boys.” Alexis, who is diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia, was thrilled when she found out that she would be traveling to Walt Disney World® Resort, accompanied by her mom Jennifer, her father Jeremy, and her three siblings, Katelyn, Hannah, and twin brother, Aiden. Alexis was most excited to visit Cinderella’s Castle. She had an incredible week that truly lifted her spirits and made her smile all the time.

Aside from being a guest at Cinderella’s Castle, Alexis also enjoyed meeting Princess Aurora. Jennifer recalls that Alexis was nervous and bashful at first. “She couldn’t really muster up the words to talk to her most favorite princess in the entire world,” she says. Over the course of the day, Alexis and her family met even more princesses and funny characters throughout the park. She wore a big grin and her family remarks how she became full of vigor with each new encounter.

Without hesitation, Jennifer says the best part of the wish trip was visiting the Magic Kingdom®. “It was within all of my kids’ age ranges, and had the most princesses.” Alexis also traveled to SeaWorld®, seeing majestic dolphins and sea turtles splashing in the water. 

After the amazing week in Florida, Alexis and her family returned home rejuvenated from the experience. Jennifer describes the experience as a “turning point for my daughter in her treatment,” and is certain that the trip will live inside Alexis for many years to come. Alexis proudly shares her excitement with anyone who will listen, telling them all about the magical experience she was a part of and all the wonderful things she saw – never forgetting to mention her personal meet-and-greet with Princess Aurora.

Jennifer is grateful for everything that Make-A-Wish has done for not only her family, but all families with children who are battling illnesses. The impact it had on the entire family was tremendous. “Thank you, Make-A-Wish!”                               

This moment was a turning point for Lexi ”

— Mom

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