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Abigaile Wished to Have a Service Dog

Abigaile and Blaize

“ Receiving Blaze was truly life-changing for our family ”

- Abigaile's Mother

  • Abigaile , 6

    • traumatic brain injury
    • I wish to have a service dog
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Abigaile has rarely had an easy life. She has faced many medical challenges since being diagnosed at birth with a traumatic brain injury that resulted in epilepsy with uncontrolled seizures, blindness, and developmental delays. More than anything, she likes to be included, to talk to others, and to feel and play like a “normal” kid.

After years of searching for the perfect one, Abilgaile finally got her wish: to have a service dog. She wanted a dog to be her buddy, to go for walks, open doors, snuggle, and to help her mommy keep her safe. Abigaile has always loved dogs, especially giving and recieving kisses from them– now she has her very own to put a smile on her face!

The family traveled to Ohio to meet their dog and to train, making sure they worked well together, and to ensure the dog was absolutely right for her. After two weeks, they returned home with Blaze, a golden retriever, who quickly become Abigaile’s best friend.

Abilgaile’s mom explained that not only does Blaze help keep her safe by detecting seizures, he also helps her communicate with others. They ask about her dog and engage in conversation with Abigaile, which makes her feel included.

Blaze has already helped detect Abigaile’s seizures, and it has become her favorite thing to sleep with him.

Her mother said that receiving Blaze was truly life-changing for their family. Abigaile’s wish was not only a wish – it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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