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Isael wished to have a Toy Poodle Puppy

Isael wished to have a puppy

“ I never lost faith in him getting better, and Make-A-Wish provided the hope I was looking for. ”

The bond between Isael and his grandfather is as strong as father and son. “I feel so attached to my grandson, so to see him sick in a hospital bed, it really tugged at my heart.”

Isael, diagnosed with kidney cancer, was forced to deal with the struggles of chemotherapy and consistent doctor visits at a young age. “He was bored,” explains his grandfather. “His wish really means a lot to him, because it gave him a chance to dream and think about his most wanted item.” The wish granting team from Make-A-Wish visited Isael and his family, asking the boy what he wanted to wish for. With a smile, and careful thought, Isael wished to have a “white, male Toy Poodle”, but if he couldn’t wish for that, his second wish was to ride in a cop car! 

The Make-A-Wish staff got right to work, searching for the perfect companion for Isael. After just a few short weeks, and luck on their side, his wish granters found a poodle puppy that was ready for a forever home. “We wanted to surprise him when he arrived home from school,” says wish granter, Conni. “So, when he hopped off the bus and saw us in front of his home, he ran over with a gigantic grin.” Isael named his new furry friend, Huey and showed him off to all of his family and friends. “I love him very, very much,” Isael tells us. 

As an enhancement to Isael’s wish, Huey came with a new crate, dog bed, toys, a blue leash, a year of medical care, and grooming certificates. “Isael is so appreciative of the attention he received from this time,” his grandfather says. “I never lost faith in him getting better, and Make-A-Wish provided the hope I was looking for.” Isael says his favorite activity with Huey is letting him outside in the family’s backyard, so they can roll around in the grass and play together. “Isael is doing very well, and for that, I am happy,” the grandfather declares.

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Arelis Antonetty

God send us little angels godbless hem

October 23, 2014 - 10:32 PM

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