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Levii wished to have a blacktop fun area

Levii X Large

“ Everything. It means everything. ”

- Mom, Lisa

Having the chance to wish for anything is an overwhelming idea when you are a child, but for funny and charismatic Levii, the choice was simple. The 8-year-old boy lives in a cozy home that is filled with many toys. However, the driveway leading up to the house is made completely of stone. There is nothing Levii loves more than to roller blade with his siblings, and he enjoys spending time outside. The first thing he could think of for his wish was putting a blacktop area with fencing in the family’s large backyard.

With Make-A-Wish overseeing the project, a team of workers literally paved the way for his wish to become reality. It didn’t end there - after the paving was finished, and the blacktop was down, fencing was put up around the space, so that if Levii wanted to play ball in the future, he could easily play with his siblings and neighborhood friends. The day the fencing went up was just another day, with Levii at school. His mother Lisa says it was, “a complete shock when he returned home! I had my camera with me ready to catch the moment of seeing it for the first time, but it went so fast and he was so excited. If only you could have seen this little boy’s face light up.”

Levii has the freedom on his blacktop space to shoot hoops, roller blade, and even ride his bike. His wish-granting volunteers bought Levii new rollerblades, a helmet, and other sporting equipment for his enhancement gift. When asked what this entire experience means to the family, Lisa fights back tears and says, “Everything. It means everything.” Levii is fighting a rare condition with only half of his heart functioning. Mom says, “From his third day alive, Levii had his second open heart surgery, and had his last surgery when he was six.” Even though Levii wished for his dream-come-true, he shares his gift proudly with his siblings. “Out of anything Levii could have asked for, he picked something so special and unique,” says Lisa.

Wish story writer: Amanda Lamadue

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