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Luke wished for his very own camper

Luke wished for a camper of his very own

“ I can’t believe my wish came true! ”

- Luke

Seven-year-old Luke loves to camp with his family, especially his grandpa.  So, when Luke was granted a wish from Make-A-Wish, he knew he wanted it to be something extra special.  After many conversations with his mom, Luke finally decided to wish for his very own camper!  “I told him he can wish according to his wildest dreams, and we talked about the things he likes to do, people he admires, and sports he likes to play,” explains Luke’s mom, Danielle. “Luke loves to camp. His grandparents are big campers and Luke loves to go camping with them. And then the light bulb went off!  He told me he wanted to wish for his own camper,” recalls Danielle, Luke’s decision-making moment.

She goes on to recall the time when Luke was diagnosed with leukemia. “We used to be a very scheduled family and now this has thrown a loop into our lives.  Between all the medications, and schedules, Luke’s chemotherapy, and going back and forth to the hospital, this has become our ‘new normal’,” she says.  “Luke’s wish for a camper has brought back some normalcy for us. And that’s what is really important.”

Luke’s family wanted to make his wish a surprise. So Luke’s grandpa took him to go look at some campers.  While they were browsing, a large tractor-trailer pulled away and there stood Luke’s brand-new camper, decorated with balloons and surrounded by his family. “Luke was speechless. He couldn’t believe it. He was in awe,” remembers Danielle. The surprises continued for Luke, as Make-A-Wish had placed toys, bedding, and other fun and useful accessories inside his camper.

After everyone had left, Luke said to his mom, “I can’t believe my wish came true!  My wish can continue for a long time. Every time I go on a trip, I will know that this was my wish. And I will keep remembering it and it will help me to keep going.” Danielle gets emotional as she says, “It was an amazing day. Never in our wildest dreams did we have any idea that this would happen. It was beyond anything we could ever have imagined.  We are so grateful and so gracious for everything Make-A-Wish has done, not only for Luke, but for our entire family.”

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