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Sundae Wished to Have a Wheelchair Accessible Playhouse

Sundae wished to have a wheelchair accessible playhouse

“ As soon as Sundae got home, she went outside right away ”

Nine-year-old Sundae went up in front of her class on the morning her wish was granted.  She showed them drawings of her soon-to-be playhouse, telling the class how it will look and what will be inside.  Just as Sundae and her mom, Suzanne, were pulling onto their street, they saw the truck go by with her playhouse on it.  The idea for Sundae’s wish did not come to her right away, but after she and her brother put their heads together, they came up with the idea to get a playhouse.  So far, it has been a hit!

As soon as Sundae got home, she went outside right away and waited patiently for the workers to finish putting the house together.  “She wheeled around them the whole time,” says Suzanne, laughing.  After the house was completed, Suzanne and the Make-A-Wish® volunteer wish granter, Nicole, decorated the house with balloons, a table which fit Sundae’s wheelchair, chairs, pillows, an owl wreath, and about a dozen more owls because they are Sundae’s favorite.  

Sundae has had a number of friends over to her house already, and soon she will be filling her house with twenty people for a playhouse open house.  “She told me she wants to have an open house party, with cheese and crackers, fruit, and even punch,” says Suzanne with delight. 

When the little party planner isn’t busy arranging her next get-together, she likes to open the windows to her playhouse, read Junie B. Jones books, paint, draw, and write letters.  “Her teachers are the best because they write her letters and then my husband and I will place them in her mailbox.  She checks it every night,” says mom.  

Suzanne’s main concern has been to keep her daughter, who has lived with muscular dystrophy her whole life, happy and healthy.  She owes it all to her supportive family.  “Sundae’s older brother has been amazing. He built her a ramp for her wheelchair on the playhouse, and moved it around so it is facing our house,” she says. Although the house is a little too “girly” for him, he likes to play cards and flop down on a large pillow and read with her inside.  

While Suzanne mows the lawn, she watches Sundae play inside her playhouse, and she cannot help but be grateful for Make-A-Wish. “I have friends that have kids with cancer, and they have gone to Disney World, or have had a shopping spree, and when I speak with them all that comes to mind is how great this organization is for granting these wishes,” she shares.  

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